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  How to Write, Sell (Even Self-Produce) Your Short Screenplay

A Workshop with Jacob N. Stuart

Jacob N. Stuart, an award-winning screenwriter, is a huge advocate on writing short scripts. He landed his Agent, sold his first script, and landed a PAID screenwriting job, all due to a short film he wrote and produced for his thesis project back in film school.

Still not a believer that SHORTS matter?

How about this: Christopher Nolan, Darren Aronofsky, Sacha Gervasi, and George Lucas, just to name a few, all started their career writing and directing a short film!

In this  workshop, Jacob N. Stuart will teach you to do what he did.

6 Reasons Every New Screenwriter Should Write a Short

(This also applies to writers with experience who have hit a rut in their career.)

There are a lot of reasons every screenwriter, whether new to the business, or a seasoned pro, should write a short script. Here are our top six:

  • Great way to practice your craft before jumping into the feature-length ring.
  • Creating relationships with up-and-coming directors, producers, and actors.
  • Selling your first script. There are a pool of industry pros looking to purchase shorts from writers.
  • Instantly becoming a PRODUCED screenwriter.
  • Having a writing sample to show to industry pros who are HIRING!
  • The chance of winning awards, whether that be your script is produced and sent to festivals, or you submit your script to script competitions.

10 Topics We Will Cover in this 3-Hour Workshop

  1. Using VISUALS to drive your story.
  2. Writing ECONOMICAL dialogue.
  3. Keeping your page, location, and cast size SMALL.
  4. Keeping your story focused on one SINGULAR character, crisis, and resolution.
  5. Why every short should have a TWIST.
  6. Immediately identifying your AUDIENCE.
  7. How to SELL your short script to potential buyers.
  8. How to use your short as a CALLING CARD.
  9. Submitting your short to COMPETITIONS.
  10. The pros and cons of SELF-PRODUCING your short script.

Course Details


The workshop meets: TBD

Jacob N. Stuart
(323) 422-9148




Hollywood International Film Academy
3153 Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039

(213) 820-7999

Jacob N. Stuart

Screenwriter Jacob N. Stuart leads this course.

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