Learn From The Experts

Bruce Heinsius

Bruce Heinsius is a Los Angeles based photographer, specializing in   >>read more

Brian Herskowitz

Brian Herskowitz is the CCO of the newly formed Horror Equity Fund (HEF). >>read more

Jeffrey Lengyel

Jeffrey Lengyel is highly skilled storyteller, creator, producer-director of film, >>read more

David Melbye

David Melbye, earned both his Masters and Ph.D. in cinema at the University  >>read more

Genia Michaela

Genia Michaela performson and off Broadway, as well as in regional theater, >>read more

Ben Sablan

As a Chief Martial Arts Instructor,and  Civil Contractor for the U.S. Military  >>read more

Joshua Schulman

Joshua Schulman is an award winning speaker  of over 40 public speaking >>read more

Jacob N. Stuart

Jacob N. Stuart is an award-winning, produced, and screenwriter, >>read more

Musetta Vander

As an MTV-type show host in South Africa, Musetta Vander moved to Hollywood>>read more

Professor Frank Chindamo

Professor Chindamo is an award winning teacher  of over 30 awards >>read more

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