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Jeffrey Lengyel, is highly skilled storyteller, creator, producer-director of film, television and web entertainment with extensive experience in development and production. A Directing Fellow graduate of the American Film Institute, whose original film, Just For a Laugh with Robin Williams, was recently sold to I-Tunes. With Jackson/McHenry/Warner Productions, as director/writer, he developed seven feature film projects including BODYCOUNT for New Line, GUNPOINT for MGM and directed Second Unit on NEW JACK CITY and HOUSE PARTY II.

Jeff also co-wrote and co-created over a dozen original feature screenplays that have been optioned and in development at major studios including, AMAZON RUN/Lionsgate, INDIAN BINGO Elephant Walk, DESPERATE MEASURES/Tardy Green Productions and Sudden Death, Hung Productions. He served as Director of West Coast Development for National Geographic Film and Television with an emphasis on new media and young markets. He also co-created and/or directed ten original network comedy pilots and series including THE MAN SHOW, TOTALLY RIDICULOUS for UPN, ABSOLUTELY TRUE! for Ch4/UK, INSIDE SCOOP for ABC, PAGES for ABC and BIG DISH COMMUNICATIONS and USA for HBO.      Read more

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