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Faculty Member


Professor Frank Chindamo has won over 30 awards for his work and has been lauded on the front pages of Forbes Magazine, the LA Times, and in the Wall St. Journal, NY Times, CNN, USA Today, etc. He’s made videos and video series for numerous brands like Petco, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.  He recently produced the web video series for Intel’s new Pocket Avatars app. He also produced Radio Shack’s commercials for the Christmas 2012 release of their new over-the-top TV box. In fact his own Roku channel review is: “The shorts are eclectic and ironic.  “It’s as though Vine and Netflix merged into one service”.

The un-branded series he wrote and/or produced include the winner of Mobile Content World’s Grand Prize, where he was awarded a Chevrolet by Kevin Spacey for Turbo Dates, (starring NBC’s Whitney Cummings), or the multi-award-winning series Mr. Wrong.  And he has the most-watched series on the YouTube-funded, family-friendly channel AlrightTV. Here’s a 1-minute promo.  He also produced the video for Titanic and Avatar producer Jon Landau’s TED talk.

Professor Chindamo created the courses and is an Adjunct Professor of web video production and monetization classes at USC, UCLA, Chapman University and Emerson College and now at the Hollywood International Film Academy.  His students have included Primetime Emmy Winner Bernie Su, billion-hitter Freddie Wong, and 5SecondFilms. In 2016 he was voted the Adjunct Professor of the Year at Chapman University’s Dodge College out of 120 other professors.  He co-wrote the books Youtube Success in 5 steps and Internet Stardom and serve on the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Web Television.

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