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Faculty Member


Elan Polushko is originally from London England and now lives in Hollywood. He has worked as a video editor, sound designer and composer. With a pioneer spirit he has forged his own style of editing, programing sound design, stemming back to the old school methods as well as embracing the new school styles. He has worked for  Robert F Kennedy Junior, Humphry Bogart Estate, Simon Cowell, Moby, Santana and Yo Gabba Gabba to name but a few. As well as music and video he has also branched out into post audio and has worked on movies, documentaries and video games most notably Assassin Creed, God of war and Lair.

Elan has been schooled in video editing, music and audio production.

“Knowledge is a journey partly inward and reflective, and then through the looking glass into the world.  Through transference and sharing, gathering of information and preparation. Being imparted too as well as imparting, mentored and mentoring. To learn to listen and to know ones turn to speak.  The call and response”  Elan  Elan2

IMDB credit: Elan Polushko

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