Board of Directors

H.E. Oknha Rat Sokhorn – Chairman

High Excellency Oknha Rat Sokhorn is a high ranking Royal Official in the Kingdom of Cambodia.  He is also a very strong businessman with companies all over South East Asia.

Ace Cruz-Herrera – Executive Director/CEO

Ace Cruz was raised in Los Angeles, California, and from the age of 13, he aspired to be in the film industry. He graduated from the University of Southern California Theater School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Drama.

After college, Ace started acting in theater and then ventured into Hollywood independent films. After 10 years in theater, Ace went back to USC film school to study writing and directing.

Ace made 6 independent Hollywood films where he wrote, produced, directed, edited, acted and distributed them. In 2009, one of Ace’s films, “Outrage” starring Michael Madsen, won an award for best picture at the Action International Film Festival in Hollywood.

Ace’s knowledge of both the creative and business worlds of making movies has given what he needs to be a Hollywood player. He’s worked with Hollywood actors like Michael Madsen (Sin City, Kill Bill), Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar man), Michael Pare’ (Streets of Fire), Natasha Lyonne (American Pie), Michael Berryman (Hills have Eyes) and many more. He understands how to deal with actors, writers, and editors as much us what’s needed to market and distribute a film.

Ace believes in making movies that are creative, entertaining and commercial. Ace has attended the American Film Market and Cannes Film Festival for the past 12 years to study and comprehend the psychology of his audience so that he can make films that will appeal to a world market. His dedication to learning everything there is about the Hollywood Film industry has paid off so that he can now concentrate on writing, directing, or acting in his future films.

Ace’s 25 years of experience and knowledge in the Hollywood film industry has given him the edge. One day soon, he will make a Box Office commercial film or an Oscar Awarding winning film.

Ace Cruz’s IMDB profile

Michael Madsen – Board of Advisors

Michael Madsen is an American Hollywood actor, poet and photographer. He has appeared in more than 150 films, including Reservoir Dogs, Thelma & Louise, Wyatt Earp, Free Willy, Donnie Brasco, Species, Kill Bill, Sin City, and The Hateful Eight (his third collaboration with director Quentin Tarantino).

Madsen is also credited with voice work in several video games, including Grand Theft Auto III, True Crime: Streets of L.A., DRIV3R, Dishonored, The Walking Dead: Season Two, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Michael Madsen’s IMDB profile



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