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8 week course of WEB VIDEO PRODUCTION from concept to production. Learn the strategies of making web videos PROFITABLE. You’ll brainstorm and produce ideas, learn from successful web video producers (live), PROMO SPECIAL

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The Hollywood International Film Academy is comprised of working professionals in all aspects of the film industry. We exist to help you, and our industry, advance.


Hone your acting skills under the guidance of working Hollywood veterans — professionals like Musetta Vander, Genia Michaela, and others.

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Screenwriters are as important as directors in making good films. Learn essential skills necessary for success from Hollywood veterans and award-winning professionals.

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Welcome to Hollywood International Film Academy (HIFA), where successful industry professionals pass on their skill and wisdom to the next generation of ambitious young filmmakers and new media artists.

There are many institutions offering a similar education in visual storytelling technique. What makes HIFA stand out is our handpicked faculty whose industry experience goes beyond technical training and academic certification. Our instructors are active, passionately driven artists and practitioners working in both Hollywood and overseas. We only recruit individuals who are eager to pass on the secrets of their success to others and who also demonstrate a particular talent for teaching, especially in classrooms of diverse student backgrounds. Our teacher recruitment process is extremely selective.

By the same token, we also take special care in evaluating the quality and potential of students we admit to our programs. This is not simply another diploma-for-hire film school. Our application process serves to identify individuals demonstrating both true dedication and vision for creating motion picture products and/or thriving within a difficult and competitive industry.

We strive to connect successful entertainment industry professionals with their most demonstrably ideal protégés.

Please take a tour of our website and explore our state-of-the-art visual media programs, courses, and faculty. We encourage you to reach out to us if you feel you could be among our elite student body. For you, it could very well be the first step to an amazing and profitable future!


Hollywood International Film Academy opens the curtain and takes you backstage with working professionals to show you how to launch your own successful Hollywood career. From acting to screenwriting, directing to editing, our award-winning instructors have successfully done it all.

In our workshops, academy courses, and seminars, we show you what to do, and exactly how to do it, so you succeed.

Please note: We are a brand new school, so we are only offering select classes at this time. Please check our class listings to see what is available now, and be sure to check back on our status for offering comprehensive diploma programs.

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Take a class with a recognized Hollywood professional and learn the ropes from the experts. Hollywood International Film Academy classes are intimate learning experiences where you discover new techniques in hands-on sessions. Our experts genuinely care about your development. Their practical advice and industry experience will help you take your career to the next level.

Our class sizes are limited, and availability is subject to change because our instructors are WORKING in Hollywood. If you’re interested in a class or workshop, DON’T WAIT!

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